Past Jamborees

Thẳng Tiến, International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting continues to be a tradition for the Vietnamese Scouting Movement, bringing together Scouts of Vietnamese descent from across the globe. Each Thẳng Tiến Jamboree was hosted at a different city around the world. The Nation's Capital welcomes the return of Thẳng Tiến to the Washington D.C. metropolitan area in 2018.

1985: Thẳng Tiến I - Yvelines, France

Flags Thang Tien I

1988: Thẳng Tiến II - Toronto, Canada

Thang Tien 2

1990: Thẳng Tiến III - San Jose, California, USA

Thang Tien 3

1993: Thẳng Tiến IV - Chalon-Sur-Saone, France

Gate of Thang Tien IV

1996: Thẳng Tiến V - Glenfield, Australia

Thang Tien V

1998: Thẳng Tiến VI - Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Thẳng Tiến VI


Thang Tien VI on Cover of Scouter Digest

2002: Thẳng Tiến VII - Houston, Texas, USA

Thang Tien VII Logo


2006: Thẳng Tiến VIII - Riverside, California, USA

Thang Tien VIII Campfire


2009: Thẳng Tiến IX - King City, California, USA

Drummers at Opening Ceremony

2014: Thẳng Tiến X - Houston, Texas, USA

TT10 Camp Gate