How to Register

See attached step-by-step guidance on How to Register.


  • Registration link is located at You may also access this link from Thẳng Tiến XI website at
  • Every camper must register through a member unit (Liên Đoàn / Làng) registered with the International Central Committee of Vietnamese Scouting (Hội Đồng Trung Ương HĐVN) or an associated member unit. No individual registrations outside of these approved units will be accepted.
  • Liên Đoàn (LD) is the responsible entity for all campers registered under its units. Each Liên Đoàn must designate 2 adults as its Liên Đoàn’s Representatives (LD Reps) to work with TT11 Organizing Committee. All communication to units will be through these representatives pre-camp, at camp, and post-camp.
  • Each individual registrant must be validated by his/her Liên Đoàn’s Representatives.
  • If you are not currently registered with a member Liên Đoàn of Hội Đồng Trung Ương HĐVN, you must seek approval from a member Liên Đoàn to be your sponsor and be registered for TT11 with that Liên Đoàn.
  • Each approved Liên Đoàn or Làng’s name will be pre-populated in the TT11 Registration system but registration link for Liên Đoàn will not be activated until LD Reps have been identified. If your Liên Đoàn’s name is not in the system, please have your Liên Đoàn Trưởng contact TT11 Organizing Committee
  • LD Trưởng to email [email protected] full name, email, and mobile number of representatives. Identify LD name, city and state/country. This must be completed before any member from your Liên Đoàn may begin registration.

Instructions for Individual Participants - complete steps 1 to 7 - see Instruction Video for Campers.

  1. Once your Liên Đoàn’s name has been populated in the registration system and the registration link for your Liên Đoàn activated, you may start your registration by going to
    • You can also get to the registration site by visiting Thẳng Tiến XI website at www., select the “Registration” tab, and then “Register for Camp”. 
  2. On the registration site, click on <<Register Now>> button at the bottom of page to create an account for your family. 
  3. Log in to the registration system with your username and password.  Your username is your email address.
  4. Select “Register campers”
  5. Select your Liên Đoàn’s registration link and fill out all required information
  6. Select “Submit” at the bottom of form when you have populated all required info and are ready to submit your data.
  7. Submit full registration fee to your LD Reps who will make a single payment for all members of your Liên Đoàn.

Instructions for Liên Đoàn Representatives (LD Reps) – complete steps 1 to 3 - see Instruction Video for LD Reps.

  1. Register as LD Rep
  2. Review, edit, and validate members of your Liên Đoàn
  3. Ensure all forms are uploaded and submit a single payment for each registration deadline