Thanh Subcamp

Thanh Program & Reminders

  • Thanh program consists of a Crew versus Crew segment and a mixed team games segment. Crew versus Crew include Scout skill games. Mixed team games segment highlights 4 activity centers: COPE, water challenges, sports zone, and Amazing Race which includes shooting sports. Evening program features a night game and cracker barrel on Saturday, Thanh campfire on Sunday, and awards & banquet on Monday.
  • Crew versus Crew challenge will be held on Saturday 6/30 afternoon. Teams will be made up of Scouts from your own Liên Đoàn. It is suggested that if your unit does not already have established teams, please form teams of 10 members, plus or minus 1 scout. If your unit is small and would like to be combined with another unit, please feel free to coordinate with that unit.

  • Campfire program will be performed with members of your own Liên Đoàn / unit.

Thanh program schedule (in brief)

Saturday, 6/30        Full Uniform (AM), Unit Shirt (PM)

9 AM–12 PM            Flag ceremony, Team mixer games, Photo

2– 5 PM                    Crew vs. Crew Part A (Parade Field)

7– 9 PM                    Crew vs. Crew Part B (Parade Field)

9–10 PM                   Cracker Barrel (Stage)

Sunday, 7/1            Thanh Subcamp T-shirt

9 AM–12 PM            Mixed Games Rotation 1

2– 5 PM                    Mixed Games Rotation 2

7– 9 PM                    Thanh Campfire

Monday, 7/2          TT11 Shirt (AM), Full Uniform (PM – Banquet)

9 AM–12 PM            Mixed Games Rotation 3

2– 5 PM                    Mixed Games Rotation 4

5–9 PM                     Thanh Banquet (Fort)

Dress Code: There are areas with tall grasses and ticks. We suggest you wear long pants and tall socks for protection. For all genders, shorts, if worn, should be 2-4 inches from the knee and shirts should be three fingers from the edge of the shoulder.