Thẳng Tiến XI

December 1, 2017

Dear Scouters,

We have been waiting almost four long years since our last gathering in Houston, Texas for this moment to come. For our hosting units in the Eastern U.S., we have waited 20 years to once again bring Thẳng Tiến back to the United States Nation’s Capital.

We are now ready to welcome you and your family to Washington D.C. next summer to attend

Thẳng Tiến XI, the 11th International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting. We invite you and your family to register to attend.

Registration for Thẳng Tiến XI begins December 2 and will end on May 15, 2018. 

We have many exciting, innovative, and memorable programs waiting for you and your family. At Thẳng Tiến XI, we expect to receive 1600 Scouters and families, and many more guests to gather from all corners of the globe in celebration of Vietnamese Scouting and our culture and heritage.

With the theme of Strengthen Our Bond & Set New Record, Thẳng Tiến XI will recognize the outstanding achievements of Vietnamese youths and adults who have made a difference in the world and who have set new records and standards for others to follow. Planned events at Thẳng Tiến XI include high adventure activities, Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience (COPE), Cultural Day and workshops, STEM activities, faith services, cookout festival, and other fun Scouting adventures.

The Jamboree will be held at Camp William B. Snyder, a beautiful campground located in the rural crescent of Haymarket city, in the State of Virginia, encompassing 325 acres of land and a managed wetland. It is 40 miles from the capital of the United States and 30 miles from one of the largest Vietnamese communities overseas.

Thẳng Tiến Jamboree is a beautiful tradition that has been supported by many organizations worldwide. Every three to four years since 1985, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Vietnamese descent from across the world gather to strengthen the bond of Scouting and to celebrate our rich culture and traditions.  Each Thẳng Tiến Jamboree had been hosted in a different city over the continents. Now, after exactly 20 years, the Jamboree has returned to the Washington D.C. area. Thẳng Tiến VI, the 6th International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting was held in 1998 at Lake Fairfax Park, in Reston, Virginia.

Enclosed in this package is guidance on how to register and the tentative camp program. Registration is now open at  More information on our Jamboree is available on our website and on Facebook (search on Thẳng Tiến XI).

Don’t miss out on this once in a life-time opportunity for your child and family.  Register early to take advantage of the full camper’s subsidy being offered!  Early Registration ends February 18, 2018.

Sincerely Yours,

Que-Chi Pham

Camp Chief